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Privacy Policy

1. Thanh Cong Motor Vietnam Joint Stock Company (“TC MOTOR”) respects for and commits to keeping confidential all your personal information provided for TC MOTOR through this Website. TC MOTOR undertakes to use its best efforts and take properly measures to prevent your information provided for TC MOTOR during using this Website from being disclosed and unauthorized accesses. However, TC MOTOR will not ensure possibility of preventing all unauthorized accesses. In case of unauthorized accesses beyond control of TC MOTOR, TC MOTOR will not be responsible in any forms for any claims, disputes or damage arising from or in connection with such unauthorized accesses.

2. TC MOTOR may collect your information and your computer information including IP details, personal information proactively sent by you to TC MOTOR or to this Website or information available to TC MOTOR by your reply to emails sent from TC MOTOR. TC MOTOR uses this information in order to ensure that you can use TC MOTOR Website in the most effective manner and that you can receive related information.

3. TC MOTOR may provide personal information collected from you for a third party related during exploiting, upgrading, improving, supplementing this Website’s functions by TC MOTOR in order to ensure your most effectively using this Website and interacting with TC MOTOR. TC MOTOR will use its best efforts to ensure that any third party mentioned above relating to collection and processing of your personal information will acknowledge and understand this Privacy Policy. Besides, TC MOTOR may have to provide your personal information to the competent authorities for the purpose of safety and security as well as for other purposes as requested or as regulated by laws.

4. TC MOTOR uses Cookies, a technology of storing information such as usage log on computers of visitors to facilitate the use of websites more conveniently. Cookies will store the status of your last visit by such computer, in order to restore this status for you at your next visit. However, by changing the settings on your internet browser, you can turn off cookies or set cookies so that an alert will appear on your computer screen before cookies are issued.

5. TC MOTOR shall reserve the right to amend and/or modify this Privacy Policy at any time as necessary.