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Hà Nội 31-08-2020 07:00

Thanh Cong Group awarded the money to build 20 charity houses for Huong Son District, Ha Tinh Province in celebration of 550 years of this district.

On 31st August 2019, Thanh Cong Group awarded the money to build 20 charity houses for Huong Son District, Ha Tinh Province in celebration of 550 years of this district. 

Social welfare policies have long been a priority of Thanh Cong Group, besides other development and expansion activities. In the spirit of the tradition “The intact leaves protect the tattered ones" and in response to the call of the Fatherland Front Committee of Huong Son District, Thanh Cong Group recently awarded 1 billion to build houses for people with difficult circumstances in the area.  

Huong Son is a key district that plays an important role in the economy and society of Ha Tinh Province. This district lies in the North West of the province and was established in the 10th Quang Thuan Year (1469) under the authority of King Le Thanh Tong. This area is rich in history, culture, patriotism and revolutionary traditions.

Currently, the district is located in an advantageous position with convenient and synchronous transportation system with 3 national highways passing through: 8A National Highway in the East-West direction, Ho Chi Minh Highway in the North-South direction; 8C National Highway connecting 8A National Highway with 46 National Highway... Besides, Huong Son is also an area with rich forest resources and especially other local valuable specialties such as: Citrus, grapefruit, green tea, deer, mountain goats, hill chickens, wild bees...

Leaders and Representatives attend the ceremony

Mr. Tran Van Ky, the Secretary of Huong Son District Party Committee, shared that Huong Son Party Committee and the citizen here have been making continuous efforts to build a more and more beautiful homeland. However, the district's development process still faces many difficulties in terms of capital as well as people. The district expresses their gratefulness for the help of many businesses such as Thanh Cong Group, as they have supported the district with practical activities and brought the joy to local citizens.  

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, the President of Thanh Cong Group, said that social welfare policies have long become a priority of Thanh Cong Group besides other business development and expansion activities. By providing with practical programs to support local areas such as building schools for children, building charity houses for people with difficult circumstances…, the Group affirms its goal of being an enterprise standing with the development of the community and contributing humanistic values to the society.