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Hà Nội 16-06-2020 21:34

On 19th May 2020, TC MOTOR officially inaugurated La Van Cau Primary School in Dak R'mang Village, Dak Glong District, Dak Nong Province with the joy of teachers and students after days of social distancing due to COVID-19.

This project is a part of TC MOTOR's series of social activities since 2016. The project is fully funded by TC MOTOR and Hyundai, in cooperation with Dan Tri online newspaper and the authorities of Dak Glong district, Dak Nong province.


Dak Glong is a mountainous district of Dak Nong province, which is about 250 km to the north of Ho Chi Minh City, and 50 km to the west of Gia Nghia Town. This is a poor district with a total area of ​​1,445 km2 and the population is 72,000 from diverse ethnic groups, of which the Mong immigrants make up the majority with more than 14,000 people. Dak Glong is the district with lowest population density in the province, only 45 people / km2 and poor living conditions that the people here face many difficulties. 8 months before the inauguration ceremony, TC MOTOR did investigate the living and learning conditions of children here and realised that La Van Cau Primary School was one of the schools with many obstacles such as the far distance from school to residential areas. Nearly 1,000 children are born here, some go to school, some have never been to school and most have not been registered birth certificates. When a new school year starts, students in this area have to go to school at 4:30 and return home not sooner than 19:00. The road to school is difficult to access especially in rainy season, which causes hundreds of students here illiterate or drop out of schools. Moreover, the teaching facilities and equipment here are still inadequate to meet the basic standards of educational activities. 

The school lies in the middle of mountainous Tay Nguyen

In order to resolve such obstacles, TC MOTOR and Hyundai decided to fully fund the construction of La Van Cau Primary School with foundations, columns, reinforced beams, roofs, brick walls with 5 classrooms, 1 staff room, toilets, playground and clean water system. These facilities all meet the basic standards that can improve the educational quality of teachers and students here. In addition, the staffs of TC MOTOR also donated to purchase many more teaching equipments, toys,... for this school. 


Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Hop, Vice Chairman of Dak Glong district People's Committee said: “The opening of La Van Cau Primary School is a joy not only for students, for parents but also for all educators as well as leader of Dak Glong district. Before the construction of this school, students have to struggle crossing forests and streams for hours to go to school. In the rainy season, when the flood comes, the roads became more difficult to access, making many pupils unable to go to school even though they are longed for. The fully funded new school is considered to be the recognition for teachers' and students' efforts and also the motivation for the district to improve its educational quality.”


Mr. Le Ngoc Duc, General Director of TC MOTOR spoke at the inauguration ceremony


Mr. Le Ngoc Duc, General Director of TC MOTOR shared: “Together with production and business development, TC MOTOR, the automotive unit of Thanh Cong Group, always focuses on social development. In addition to many CSR activities, Dream School Project is our annual activity in collaboration with Dan Tri Online Newspaper that aims at offering educational opportunities for children in remote areas. 


The art performance of La Van Cau Primary school's students


Mr. Le Ngoc Duc added: “The opening ceremony today has a very special meaning as it takes place on the 130th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh. Besides, due to the effect of COVID-19 pandemic around the world, children have faced many difficulties in learning. However, thanks to the proper regulations of the government and the strict implementation of citizens, up until now, this pandemic has been well handled in Vietnam. People have been back to normal life with their jobs and students have been back to schools. La Van Cau Primary School is our 6th construction in this program and we will continue to build more new schools in order to bring educational opportunities for children across Vietnam. 

The guests perform ribbon cutting activity at the opening ceremony


The guests plant trees at the school 

The guests visit classrooms


Classrooms are fully furnished and equipped with learning facilities by TC MOTOR