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Hà Nội 12-06-2020 16:55

TC MOTOR officially inaugurated Hyundai Product and Service Experience Center with leading experiences and equipment in Vietnam. 

On 3rd January 2020, TC MOTOR officially inaugurated the Hyundai Product and Service Experience Center with the most advanced equipment and technology in Vietnam. 

In order to meet the increasing demand for sightseeing, experiencing and shopping of customers, as well as bringing customers the most impressive and interesting times, affirming the sustainable development of Customer-centric, TC MOTOR officially inaugurated the first Product and Service Experience center in Vietnam, located at Tam Trinh, Hoang Mai, Hanoi.


The Management Board of Thanh Cong Group in the moment of future opening

Hyundai Product and Service Experience Center By TC MOTOR is the largest in Vietnam, built on an area of ​​nearly 7,000 m2 with 6 floors, 1 basement and a total area of ​​nearly 30,000 m2. The center meets the standards of modern showrooms with full functionality: Display and sales, maintenance services, spare parts and accessories, paint, warehouse. 

“This is the first Hyundai product and service experience center with the largest scale in Vietnam, which demonstrates the orientation of TC MOTOR as well as Hyundai Motor Corporation in Vietnam. We want to enhance the customer experience and target young, luxurious, fashion-lover and technology-lover users” said TC MOTOR representative.

Mr. Le Ngoc Duc, CEO of Thanh Cong Group make a welcome speech of the ceremony

Hyundai passenger and commercial vehicles displaying area

The first floor is the displaying area of ​​Hyundai passenger and commercial vehicles with the total area of ​​nearly 3,500 m2. This is the largest display space in Vietnam according to GDSI standard of Hyundai worldwide, which provides customers with the most detailed and complete experience.

Currently, the center is offering extremely unique and modern experiences for customers: 

Modern showroom following global GDSI standards

  • Augmented reality program (AR): This is a new technology that allows customers to view all car models, colors, product specifications... right at the showroom based on those model displayed in reality.

  • Virtual reality technology (VR): Customers can experience the test drive of Hyundai cars right at the showroom with the help of virtual reality technology. Virtual reality devices will be equipped to help customers simulate real driving experience.

In order to bring the most satisfaction to customers, the exhibition center also brings solemnity, sophistication and politeness to the services of the highest level: personalized car delivery area, luxury waiting rooms, kids' playing area.

Used Hyundai Cars Area

With the purpose of being customer-centric, TC MOTOR wants to offer the best experience not only to the purchasers of brand new Hyundai cars but also used Hyundai cars. 

In this area, TC MOTOR provides customers with the best services for used cars such as: used car information checking system, vehicle quality testing system... with the aim of bringing peace of mind to customers, as well as improving the resale value of Hyundai cars, from which brings the best benefit to the customers.

R&D and Training Area

The third floor is considered as the heart of this center with the experience of most updated Hyundai technology in producing and assembling vehicles in Vietnam. This is also a modern and professional training center that follows Hyundai global standards. High-skilled technicians who are trained from this center will be the high-quality human resources for the dealer system of Hyundai across the country. 

With the total area of ​​1,288 m2, the training center includes such areas: theory training, sales and service practice training, technology display area,...

The model room here is really remarkable. This is the displaying area of the latest and most modern technology on Hyundai models manufactured by TC MOTOR. Currently, Santa FeTM is the most advanced CKD model that is displaying with separated components. This area helps customers understand spare parts and details that make up the top-selling model in D-SUV segment.


The 3rd floor area will also be used as a research center for technical issues on Hyundai models, from which handling and optimization solutions are proposed. Through the research process, problem solving abilities and technical abilities of technicians in Hyundai system will be enhanced, from which provides better customer services. In addition, this center is also the place to research new technologies and methods to approach customers, use the most modern and advanced technologies, those that have never been applied in the Vietnamese market. These activities will help conduct consulting activities, further enhance the satisfaction of customers who buy and use Hyundai products.

High-Level Service Area

All of the repairing and maintaining service activities are located on the 5th and 6th floor with 26 repairing and painting compartments. All machines are imported from Europe, USA,... with leading brands in the field of repair and maintenance to ensure the capacity of 110 - 150 vehicles a day. This system is operated by a team of professional and experienced Diagnostic, Systems and Maintenance technicians. 

The Hyundai By TC MOTOR Product and Service Experience Center was inaugurated as a milestone marking the 20-year development with Vietnamese automobile industry of TC MOTOR. This is also a testament for the effort of improving customer experience according to the direction of “Customer-centric” in the sustainable development strategy of TC MOTOR.

Hyundai By TC MOTOR Product and Service Experience Center