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TP.HCM 12-06-2020 17:01

TC MOTOR, together with Tucson & Friends Club and Hyundai Sai Gon Association collaborated with Otosaigon to organise Hyundai Walk 1. This event aimed at raising funds for children's heart surgery.


Hyundai Tay Do


The total money raised from benefactors like Tucson & Friends Club, Hyundai Association, Hyundai Ngoc An dealership, Hyundai Tay Do and especially TC MOTOR was more than 158 million VND, which was 5 times higher than expectation. It means that there will be more children standing the chance of taking heart treatments. This event also recorded the presence of Passio Tuning and other Hyundai dealers.


All of the money raised will be transferred to Vietnamese Heartbeat Fund, which is controlled by VinaCapital Foundation, a non-profit organisation that offers developing opportunities through medical and educational projects. 


TC MOTOR awarded 70 million VND for Vietnamese Heartbeat Fund


The left is donated by other Hyundai communities: Tucson & Friends (55 million VND), Elantra Saigon Club (20 million VND) and Hyundai Tay Do (3,5 million VND) 

The representative of TC MOTOR expressed his gratefulness and joyfulness for having such a meaningful event for Vietnamese children 


The car lining up performance was inspired by the model Elephant Walk of the US airforce. This performance took the spirit of one of the world's strongest armies and called for joining hands to help unlucky children.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Health, 8 out of every 1,000 babies born have congenital heart disease.  Every year, our country has about 10,000-12,000 children with congenital heart disease but only 6,000 are operated. The others have to wait and even die before being diagnosed. In Vietnam, there are still more than 13,000 children who need a heart surgery besides 7,600 children who have been helped by Vietnamese Heartbeat Fund and the other benefactors supported in recent years. 


With the support from the main sponsor TC MOTOR and the media of Otosaigon, the organisers of Hyundai Walk 1 will stand together to bring healthy hearts for unlucky children. This is a priceless gift for these children and their families to have a happy new year and a better future. 


The organisers hope that this meaningful event will be replicated more and more and will receive more support from the community so that Vietnamese children have a brighter future. 


(According to Otosaigon)