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Hà Nội 01-10-2019 07:00

The second day of Hyundai by TC MOTOR Journey started by leaving Phan Thiet resort to reach Nha Trang, the beautiful and lively beach city.

The second day of Hyundai by TC MOTOR Journey started by leaving Phan Thiet resort to reach Nha Trang, the beautiful and lively beach city. Currently, Phan Thiet is bustling with Kate festival and the city is always sunny and colourful to celebrate this festival season. 

Members of the journey wake up so early to enjoy the sunrise, the fresh air and the scent of sea breezes. What is more meaningful than starting a day with clearing seashore activity organised by TC MOTOR and the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Binh Thuan. This activity is a part of the Ceremony to support the prevention of drowning. In this ceremony, TC MOTOR awards life buoys, flags, rescue hooks, warning signs to the Management Board of Binh Thuan Tourism. 

On behalf of TC MOTOR, Mr. Nguyen Nguyen Phong, Director of Southern Branch said: “TC MOTOR really focuses on devoting to social activities such as minimising drowning accidents in Vietnam in general and in Binh Thuan in specific. Drowning in Vietnam is such a pressing issue as it causes thousands of fatalities a year. Binh Thuan has a long and beautiful seashore that not only attracts thousands of tourists per year but also involves many drowning accidents. Thus, I hope that this practical activity would contribute positively to the image of Binh Thuan. 

After the ceremony, all journey members join hand with Binh Thuan Youth Union in cleaning the 1 kilometre seashore. Looking such practical activity, many foreign tourists join the activity and together create a very humanistic and meaningful image. 

Leaving Tuy Phong, such Hyundai Universe, Solati and Tucson keeps moving to Ninh Thuan, the sunny land with Mui Dinh Lighthouse or Ca Na salty land. It would be such a shortcoming if missing the picturesque scenario of the natural beach, sand and forest of Vinh Hy Bay.

To reach Nha Trang beach city, the journey continues to pass Tra Long Bridge, Cam Ranh City and then goes through Cam Lam mango garden. The next destination is Hyundai Nha Trang, whereby all members are warmly welcomed by the leaders and staffs here. In response to the preparation of Hyundai Nha Trang, Mr. Tran Huy Hoang, the Director of Communication and Branding Division, has a thank you speech.

“2019 marks the 20 years of Thanh Cong Group as well as 10 years of cooperation with Hyundai. From a young brand, TC MOTOR has now become a large system with its presence from the North to the South. Today's success cannot be achieved if it has not been for the contribution from initial stages like Hyundai Nha Trang.”

Tonight, the journey rests in Nha Trang. In the daytime, Nha Trang is considered to be a princess with beautiful and elegant dress besides the blue ocean while in the night time, the princess wears such a charming, gorgeous and sparkling dress. The girls and the boys of Hyundai by TC MOTOR Journey stand the chance to enjoy the night scenario of Nha Trang and then continue their journey to reach Tra River tomorrow morning.