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Hà Nội 19-12-2019 07:00

Recently, there has been many car explosion accidents happening across the country. 

Such accidents have made customers feel anxious especially customers who own and drive cars. Disclaimer information about short-circuiting and firing incidents have been clearly stated in the manual of Hyundai Motors. In order to help customers feel relieved when driving their vehicles, we would like to remind you of these must-be-noted information:

  • Turn off the engine before refueling

  • Always stay away from heat resources such as charcoal stoves, straw or garbage burning areas,...

  • Prevent mice or insects from destroying the electrical system and causing fire

  • The car exhaust system is very hot that can burn flammable objects such as grass, paper, straw, leaves. Thus, do not park your vehicles near or on these objects. 

  • Do not change the structure of the vehicle by yourself such as installing more electrical equipment on the vehicle.

  • Perform properly and periodically maintenance activities so that fuel leaks problem or system failures are detected and repaired. 

  • Do not buy gasoline or oil from unofficial stores or unknown origins  

  • Do not use “gasoline save" measures without safety verification as it may damage or fire the car

  • Do not leave flammable objects in the vehicle, in the trunk, in the engine compartment

  • Vehicle owners should equip suitable fire extinguishers that meet the requirements of the Law on Fire Prevention and Fighting

In addition, customers can find more information about Hyundai cars at the nearest 3S Hyundai dealer or contact hotline: 1900.561212.