introduce about


Brand mission

Promote human and social progress through the core of automotive production and distribution, paving the way for drastically and sustainably modernization and integration of society. and responsible.


Brand vision

Became the No. 1 Brand in the Automotive Industry in Vietnam and is a professional OEM and component manufacturer, playing an important role in the global automotive industry supply chain. Step by step create your own identity and make the Vietnam Automobile Industry grow on the world map.

Core values

  • Customer-centered

    Always focus on understanding, satisfying the needs, and seeking ways to add value to customers before developing your products and services.

  • Drastically

    Vision toward ambitious goals and pursuing them with the spirit of determination and persistence to make the impossible possible.

  • Mounting collective

    Promote the spirit of cohesion with the collective power to achieve common goals. Commit to sharing success with people - preserving the humanity of the business

  • Profession

    Respect and promote the professionalism in providing products & services, endeavor to pursue global standards in all business activities

  • Integration

    Integration to constantly evolve, ready to learn, change and continually improve to improve

Development strategy

TC MOTOR is always customer-centered. With a commitment to creating global-leading products and services to deliver the best experience, exceeding customer expectations, we are constantly working to train and develop our teams. Professional personnel for all development activities must be studied from understanding the needs and expectations of customers before making a plan to manufacture products and building perfect service processes with prices. The most reasonable.

Corporate culture


starting by being CUSTOMER CENTRIC

DRASTIC in fulfilling challenging targets and ambitions

with an UNITED team


in order to INTERGRATE core values into world automobile industry

TC MOTOR culture is a culture towards efficiency, promoting true values, for sustainable development with the community, customers, partners, the corporation and each individual.

TC MOTOR people think big, do it real, and keep moving forward. We say yes to challenging goals, to high standards, to customer expectations

We say no to average, with moderation, with our self-centered thinking and our lazy learning. TC MOTOR culture promotes a fierce spirit, for the end result, for the common goal.